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  1. "All or nothing" Mixed media, 120x100 & 23x34 cm.

    "All or nothing" Mixed media, 120x100 & 23x34 cm.

    Project for Masters degree at Academy of Arts Latvia - Spring 2018

    When creating my work, my main inspiration was the world around me. I used it to interpret the observation I made according to the feelings I want to trigger in a viewer.


    The created series of artwork is a formulation of my personal opinion about who we are and how we fit into the surrounding world. My interest of how the era we are living in affects our personality is the main focus point. The most important part of the artwork is the use of portrait layers. I used deformation to portray human desires and weaknesses.


    Featured symbols convey various revelations, such as - one's fulfillment is an endless process with unattainable results.

    Supervisor - associated professor Kristaps Ģelzis